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Butterfly public fitness facility - 2120L

Butterfly public fitness facility

Information about the Butterfly public fitness facility – 2120L:
Description of the facility:
Fitness device for strengthening the chest muscles and hands.

Duration of work: young people – up to 15 repetitions, adults – up to 6 repetitions.
Manufactured according to Israeli Standard 1497 – Facilities for unsupervised physical activity: general safety requirements and test methods.

User manual:
1. Sit on the chair.
2. Place your feet on the step bar.
3. Grasp the handle.
4. Keep your back straight and start working.

Butterfly public fitness facility

Description of the facility:

Butterfly public fitness facility is an outdoor fitness facility,
which allows people to perform a chest and shoulder exercise called the butterfly.
The device usually consists of a metal frame with two handles attached to it.
Users hold the handles and push them in and out, working the chest and shoulder muscles.

  • Pushing in and out: This is the most basic exercise and works mainly on the chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Upper push-ups: This exercise works mainly on the upper chest muscles.
  • Lower push-ups: This exercise mainly works on the lower chest muscles.

Where to install:

  • Public parks and gardens:
    This is the most common option, as public parks and gardens are open and accessible to all.
  • schools:
    Butterfly public fitness facilities can be installed in schoolyards to encourage students to exercise.
  • From community centers:
    Many community centers offer a variety of sports and physical activity, and public butterfly fitness facilities can be installed as part of this offer.
  • Residential neighborhoods:
    Butterfly public fitness facilities can be installed in public areas in residential neighborhoods, to allow residents easy access to physical activity.
  • beaches:
    Butterfly public fitness facilities can be installed on beaches, as part of the sports and leisure facilities offered there.


  • Effective: the device enables effective training and strengthening of the chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Easy to use: the device is easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Fun: Practicing on the device can be fun and refreshing.
  • Safe: The device is stable and safe to use.

Additional tips:

  • It is important to choose a stable and safe facility.
  • It is recommended to install the device in a shady place.
  • It is advisable to start with short workouts and gradually increase the duration of the workout.
  • It is important to observe correct technique to avoid injuries.

A butterfly public fitness facility is a great way to get an outdoor workout and strengthen your chest and shoulder muscles.


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