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Wooden play facilities

Information about wooden play facilities:

As part of the authorities’ growing demand for wooden play facilities ,
Oren Gaming Facilities Company is always working on new gaming facilities , which will meet the customer’s requirements.
Play facilities are made for children, therefore diversity and innovation in the field should be made available to children.
We recommend to some of our customers wooden play facilities due to the advantage of heat resistance.
Metal play facilities may heat up in the summer months and cause burns among the children.
In addition, the appearance of wooden play facilities is authentic and pleasing to the eye and to the touch of children.

The materials:

Wooden play facilities are manufactured from Finnish type 5 wood.
The wood undergoes a disinfection and preservation process (impregnation) against moisture, pests and fire.

The facilities combine additional elements to create an experience for the children:

Metal elements – sliding tube and crawl tunnels.
Plastic elements – slides, canopies and crawl tunnels.
Fiberglass elements – canopies and slides.
Cable and rope elements – rope climbing wall, rope net.

Challenging activity for children:

Climbing ladders, ropes, stairs, sliding down slides, tunnels and tubes.
The facilities are suitable for children of all ages under the supervision of an adult.
If the facility is limited to certain ages, it will be indicated on the facility.
The facilities are safe and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institute.

Wooden play facilities are suitable for playgrounds, playgrounds, public gardens, kindergartens, holiday villages and guest houses.
Wooden play facilities can be installed on a buffer surface for play facilities of the following types:
Sesame garden for play facilities
Sea sand for play facilities
Rubber surface for play facilities
Synthetic grass combined with rubber for playing facilities.

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