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Wooden play equipment – walnut - 1110

Wooden play equipment – walnut

Information about wooden play equipment – walnut – 1110 :
Required area size – including safety distances: 17.1 m * 8.5 m
Total area required 84 square meters
Intended for children: over 3 years old
Height of the facility: 4.2 m

Description of the facility :
Combined facility 2 towers with balcony and two floors.

1. A two-story tower with a balcony + two-slope wooden roof :

*top floor:
Straight tube slide.
Clear plastic bubble game board.
Climbing ladder from a tree to a tower including grab handles.

*Lower floor :
Straight plastic slide 2 meters long, 1 meter high.
Climbing ladder from a tree to a tower including grab handles.

2. A tower with a two-slope wooden roof :
A spiral slide from a height of 1.8 meters.
“Indian climbing wall” – a wooden climbing wall with a climbing cable.
Screw type pipe.

*Between the towers :
A hard wooden bridge with wooden railings on the sides, 2 meters long.

* Note: For areas larger than 150 square meters, it is required to install a ramp with accessibility for the disabled.

Wooden play equipment – walnut :
An interesting and unique facility that allows children a variety of play options.
The facility includes many elements and thus challenges and interests the children playing in it.
The facility is designed for playgrounds, public parks, playgrounds, playgrounds.
The device should be installed on a rubber substrate, garden sesame or sea sand.

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