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Rowing public fitness facility - 2122L

Rowing public fitness facility

Information about Hatira public fitness facility – 2122L:
Description of the facility:
A fitness facility for strengthening the arms and abdominal muscles. Duration of work: young people – up to 15 rows, adults – up to 8 rows.
Manufactured according to Israeli standard 1497 – Unsupervised physical activity facilities: general safety requirements and test methods. Instructions for use:
1. Sit on the chair.
2. Place your feet on the sidewalks.
3. Grab the grips and start rowing.
*In the first set, a controlled and slow move must be performed in order to learn the range.

Rowing public fitness facility

Description of the facility:

A rowing public fitness facility is an outdoor fitness facility that allows people to perform rowing exercise.
The device usually consists of a metal frame with a seat, backrest and grab bar.

  • Rowing forward: This is the most basic exercise and works mainly on the back and arm muscles.
  • Rowing backwards: This exercise works mainly on the chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Side Rowing: This exercise works mainly on the waist and hip muscles.

Where to install:

  • Public parks and gardens:
    This is the most common option, as public parks and gardens are open and accessible to all.
  • schools:
    Rowing public fitness facilities can be installed in schoolyards, to encourage students to exercise.
  • From community centers:
    Many community centers offer a variety of sports and physical activity, and rowing public fitness facilities can be installed as part of this offer.
  • Residential neighborhoods:
    Public rowing fitness facilities can be installed in public areas in residential neighborhoods, to allow residents easy access to physical activity.
  • beaches:
    Public rowing fitness facilities can be installed on the beaches, as part of the sports and leisure facilities offered there.


  • Effective: the device enables effective training and strengthening of the back, shoulders, arms and chest muscles.
  • Easy to use: the device is easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Fun: Practicing on the device can be fun and refreshing.
  • Safe: The device is stable and safe to use.

Additional tips:

  • It is important to choose a stable and safe facility.
  • It is recommended to install the device in a shady place.
  • It is advisable to start with short workouts and gradually increase the duration of the workout.
  • It is important to observe correct technique to avoid injuries.

Rowing is a great way to get an outdoor workout and strengthen your upper body muscles.


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