Outdoor Playground Equipment


Outdoor Playground Equipment:

In recent years it can be seen that there are many cases of vandalism among youth.
We offer our customers Outdoor Playground Equipment that integrated metal, which are more resistant to vandalism.
In addition the metal does not need much maintenance other than painting and lubricating the hinges.

Material Specifications:

Outdoor Playground Equipment are made of galvanized 4-inch pipes,
Painted in standard epoxy paints that prevent toxins and are durable over time.
Integrated metal playground There are unique clasps and stainless steel screws, for perfect reinforcement of the facilities and elements.

Additional elements for Outdoor Playground Equipment:

Metal elements - bridges, horizontal ladder, climbing ladders and Native American climbing walls.
Plastic elements - slides, crawling tunnels and a transparent bubble.
Fiberglass elements - awnings and slides.

Durability integrated playground:

Apart from the durability of the combined facilities against vandalism,
The metal parts are resistant to moisture, heat and fire for years and have low maintenance.

Options for installing Outdoor Playground Equipment:

Public parks, playgrounds and public gardens.

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