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Metal amusement facility – Eretz

Metal amusement facility – Eretz

Information about metal amusement facility – Eretz – 1222:
Description of the facility:

A combined one and two-story tower gaming facility.

Length – 5.4 m.
Width – 4.4 m.
Height – 4.4 m.

Safety area:
Length – 9.1 m.
Width – 8.4 m.

Fall height – 2.7 m.

The facility includes:

Lower floor:
Straight slide.

top floor:
Vertical ladder.
A curved tube slide from a height of 2.70 m.
transparent bubble.

Installation surface:
It is required to install a fall-absorbing safety surface:
* Rubber safety surface
* Rubber safety surface combined with synthetic grass
* Safety surfaces for playgrounds approved by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Installation location:
An integrated play facility suitable for playgrounds and public parks.

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