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Integrated Children’s Facility – Michigan - 8008

Integrated Children’s Facility – Michigan

Information about an integrated facility for children – Michigan – 8008:
Description of the facility:
An integrated challenge facility for children, with a variety of slides and climbing options.
Suitable for playgrounds and public gardens.

Length- 10.5 m.
Width – 6.9 m.
Height – 4.1 m.
Fall height – 2.4 m.

Safety area:
Length – 14.5 m.
Width – 10 m.

The facility includes:
4 towers at different heights.
A curved slide from a height of 2.7 m.
A wavy slide from a height of 1.2 m.
A straight slide from a height of 0.9 m.
Curved climbing ladder.
Vertical climbing wall.
Horizontal ring scale.
Mushrooms are graded for climbing.
Climbing tunnel and passage between the towers.

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