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Integrated facility for children – Hermon - 8015

Integrated facility for children – Hermon

Information about an integrated metal playground – Hermon – 8015 :
Description of the facility :
An integrated facility for children that climbs to a height.
Has 3 slides: 2 from a height of 90 cm and an open spiral slide from a height of 2.4 m

Length – 7.1 m.
Width – 4.7 m.
Fall height – 2.4 m.

Safety area:
Length – 10.8 m.
Width – 8.4 m.

Can be installed in amusement parks, public parks, playgrounds, holiday villages and more.
* Note: For areas larger than 150 square meters, it is required to install a ramp with accessibility for the disabled.


Fall absorbing synthetic grass

Fall-absorbing synthetic grass is a synthetic surface installed under playground equipment.
It is made of special materials that allow it to absorb the energy of a fall, thus reducing the risk of injuries in children.

Advantages of the fall-absorbing synthetic grass:

  • Safety: reduces the risk of injury in children in the event of a fall.
  • Durability: resistant to the elements and does not require much maintenance.
  • Aesthetics: gives a beautiful and natural look.
  • Drainage: allows easy drainage of water.


Safety in integrated play facilities

Child safety is the most important thing when installing playground equipment.
It is important to make sure that the facilities are installed correctly and that they meet Israeli safety standards.

Tips for safety in playgrounds:

  • Installing the fixtures: Make sure the fixtures are installed by qualified professionals.
  • Maintenance: Check the facilities regularly and make sure they are in good working order.
  • Supervision: Supervise children while they play in the facilities.
  • Instruction: Instruct children on how to use the facilities safely.


Spiral slide

A spiral slide is a spiral-shaped slide. It is a fun and challenging slide for children.

The advantages of the spiral slide:

  • Fun: children have a lot of fun surfing the spiral slide.
  • Challenge: The slide challenges children and develops their gross motor skills.
  • Developing creativity: the slide encourages children to use their imagination.


It is important to choose a spiral slide suitable for the children’s age and size.


Accessibility of an integrated play facility for children

Accessibility of play facilities is an important issue that allows children with disabilities to enjoy a shared play experience together with other children.

The importance of accessibility:

  • Equality: Children with disabilities are entitled to enjoy the same opportunities as other children, including play experience.
  • Social integration: joint play contributes to the social integration of children with disabilities.
  • Motor development: playing in facilities contributes to the motor development of children with disabilities.
  • Self-image: Children with disabilities who play in accessible facilities feel confident and strengthen their self-image.


Access to an integrated play facility for children:

  • Access surface: The access surface to the facility should be wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible facilities: There are special facilities adapted for children with disabilities, such as adapted swings, accessible carousels and special climbing facilities.
  • Movement space: Sufficient movement space for a wheelchair must be left around the facilities.
  • Information: Provide available information on the accessibility of the facilities.


It is important to note that parents of children with disabilities should also be able to enter the facility and assist their children.

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