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Public fitness facility Boso Posture - 2012

Public fitness facility Boso Posture

Information about public fitness facility Boso Stable – 2012:
Description of the facility:
“Boso” public fitness facility to improve stability. Posture bussu device for strengthening core muscles and functional training,
For strengthening and shaping the muscles, improving stability and balance.
The “Boso” fitness facility is designed for maximum durability and adapted to outdoor conditions .

The facility is built with a rough activity surface that prevents slipping (diameter 50 cm). The installation of the facility is performed with permanent ground fixation.

Approved by the Standards Institute according to the requirements of the 1497 standard.

*Suitable for parks, public gardens and more.

Public fitness facility Boso Posture

Description of the facility:

An outdoor fitness facility that allows people to perform exercises to strengthen the core muscles and improve balance.
The device usually consists of a metal frame with a soft boso ball-like surface.

Training recommendations:

  • Standing on one leg: This exercise works on balance and core muscles.
  • Squats: This exercise works the front core muscles.
  • Leg lifts: This exercise works the back core muscles.
  • Torso rotations: This exercise works the lateral core muscles.


Where to install:

  • Public parks and gardens: This is the most common option, as public parks and gardens are places open and accessible to all.
  • Schools: Public fitness facilities can be installed in school yards to encourage students to exercise.
  • Community centers: Many community centers offer a variety of sports and physical activity activities, and public fitness facilities can be installed as part of this offer.
  • Residential neighborhoods: public fitness facilities can be installed in public spaces in residential neighborhoods, to allow residents easy access to physical activity.
  • Beaches: It is possible to install public fitness facilities on the beaches, as part of the sports and leisure facilities offered there.



  • Effective: the facility allows effective training and strengthening of the core muscles and improving balance.
  • Easy to use: the device is easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Fun: Practicing on the device can be fun and refreshing.
  • Safe: The device is stable and safe to use.


Additional tips:

  • It is important to choose a stable and safe facility.
  • It is recommended to install the device in a shady place.
  • It is advisable to start with short workouts and gradually increase the duration of the workout.
  • It is important to observe correct technique to avoid injuries.


Public fitness facility Buso Posture is a great way to get an outdoor workout and strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

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