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Wooden play equipment – Eshel - 1104

Wooden play equipment – Eshel

Information about a wooden playground – Eshel – 1104 :
Description of the facility:
A wooden and elements integrated play facility.

Length – 9.6 m
Width – 9.4 m
Height – 3.9 m

The facility includes:
5 towers + roofs.
4 rigid and swinging suspension bridges.
3 slides.
Double straight crawl tunnel.
a climbing ladder.
Rope climbing net.
transparent bubble.
Gliding tube.

Installation surface:
Fall-absorbing rubber safety surface.
Rubber safety surface combined with fall-absorbing synthetic grass.

Installation location:
Public parks, playgrounds and playgrounds.


did you know Wooden play facilities!
1. The wood does not heat up (compared to metal) and allows playing all year round.
2. The wood undergoes a preservation process that extends the life of the wood over time.
3. The tree gives a rustic and pleasant look to the children.
4. The tree prevents serious injury to children (compared to metal) if they happen upon it.

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