Special Playground For Kids


Special Playground Equipment accessible to people with disabilities


Alice in Wonderland - 1000

A special playground equipment accessible to people with disabilities!
A facility designed in the style of the children's story - Alice in Wonderland.
An interesting, colorful and special Playground Equipment for kids.

Playground Equipment that includes:
:A climbing game facility for children.
A tree-like crawl tunnel.
Jumping surfaces Stamp-like.
Special Playground For Kids - Proper planning of a playground will be a challenge for children,
Creating a social interaction and attracting children to play with it
Remember to design Special Playground For Kids.


Special Playground Equipment accessible to people with disabilities


Pirate Ship - 1001

Special playground facility accessible to people with disabilities!
Facility designed in the style of the children's story - Pirate Ship.
Special and colorful facility for children.
The facility includes:
A. Wide climbing tower.
Curved slide.
Tube climbing ring.

B. 2-story climbing tower.
Spiral slide.
Additional pirate ship-like elements.


Special Playground Equipment accessible to people with disabilities


Raspberry Juice - 1002



Kids love the outdoor play experience, in public places such as parks, schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.
Parents do not have to put much effort into running their children.
Special play facilities are designed for children to play and have fun
while at the same time improving their physical abilities,And develop thinking and motor skills.

In order for children to enjoy a public park with special play facilities,
Authorities are required to consult and adapt the facilities to the ages of the children playing in the public facilities.
In addition, the play facilities should be designed to be a challenge for the children.
When children approach a kindergarten, they develop a social interaction with other children in the kindergarten.
The interaction can test the social skills and behavior of the children in the kindergarten.
The goal in designing special play facilities is their contribution to the development of children,
And arouse in the children a desire to return to the playground and want to use the special facilities again.
When manufacturing play facilities that are not suitable for children,
they shy away from them and do not want to access and play with them.
Complementary playground equipment such as swings, turnstiles and climbing facilities,
Is a perfect solution to allow a combined game of adults and young people together.
When children want to play with their parents but are unable to do so,
for example:Climb to the edge of the facility due to low physical fitness, medical reasons,
and even fear of the facility itself,Complementary game equipment will be a way for them to play together.

In conclusion: When planning a playground for children, remember:
Special play facilities are:
Play facilities that pose a challenge to children.
Special facilities that allow for social interaction.
Adding complementary play equipment for sharing with parents.
Play facilities suitable for children's age.

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