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Special game facility – raspberry juice

Special game facility – raspberry juice

Information about a special gaming facility – Raspberry Juice – 1002:
Description of the facility:
A special and accessible play facility for the disabled!
A metal device, resembling a tree and designed in the style of the children’s story – raspberry juice.
An interesting, colorful and special facility for children.

Length – 3.5 m.
Width – 4.3 m.
Height – 3.8 m.
Fall height – 1.2 m.

Safety area:
6.5 m * 8.1 m.

The facility includes:
Tower 1 consisting of 2 pods.
Plastic slide.
Climbing Wall.
Accessible stairs.

Polyethylene slides.
A climbing wall made of HDPE.
A ladder made of a combination of aluminum and HDPE.
HDPE panels.
Galvanized metal poles coated with PLASTIC WOOD.

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