Rope playground Equipment


Rope playground Equipment:

Ropes Park is an exciting experience for children.
The facilities combine sports activities for children,
Using strength, flexibility and athleticism.

The children are excited to enter a new and special ropes park.
The park attracts children to run and climb the facilities.
Go wild and expend positive energies.

The elements in the park are durable and safe to use
And meet the standards of the Israeli Standards Institute.

The park facilities are made of metal or stainless steel and ropes,
Which are resistant to high pressures and heavy weights.

A ropes park usually consists of:

Rope ladders, Native American pyramids, Rope nets, Ropes and climbing cables,
Spider web, hammocks, bridges, handrails, slides, wooden stairs.

Park installation options:

Playgrounds, kindergartens, fitness and sports parks, beaches, public parks,
Hotels and resorts, private and public gardens.

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