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Pergolas and shade sheds – wooden and metal pergola – heron - 1924

Pergolas and shade sheds – wooden and metal pergola – heron

Looking for pergolas and shade sheds?
The Oren company specializes in the production and installation of wood and metal works.
Wooden and metal pergola – Anpa is one of a variety of wooden and metal sheds and pergolas.
Wood and metal pergola – Anpa is an open rounded seating pergola without benches.
The pergola is made of high-quality pine wood and galvanized metal with long-lasting durability.

The pergola consists of a strong metal frame and a two-and-a-half mesh fence for shading.
Unlike the Pashosh model, the pergola is closed along its entire length.

Wooden and metal benches can be added – click here for the catalog of street benches

The pergola is suitable for playgrounds and public parks.

Can be ordered in any size, depending on the size of the area.

Installation options:
The pergola can be fixed on all types of soil:
Sand, concrete surface, soil, interlocking stone, grass, gravel and more.

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