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Wooden play equipment – cypress - 1106

Wooden play equipment – cypress

Information about a wooden play facility – Cypress – 1106 :
Required area size – including safety distances: 13 m * 10 m
Description of the facility :
Combined wooden 3 facility with tiered towers. 1. A tower with a height of 0.90 m + a roof that includes :
Climbing ladder to the tower.
Rope climbing wall.
A straight slide 2 m long.
A 2 m long perforated tin crawl tunnel.

2. A tower with a height of 1.40 m + a roof that includes :
Rope climbing wall.
A rigid wooden bridge.

4. A tower with a height of 1.80 m + a roof that includes :
Climbing ladder to the tower.
A straight slide 4 m long.

* Note : For areas larger than 150 square meters, it is required to install a ramp with accessibility for the disabled.

Wooden play equipment – cypress :
An interesting and special facility for the children.
In this facility, the slides are parallel and allow children to slide down them at the same time side by side.
Such ideas encourage the children to play with it and thus they also perform physical activity which is important for their development.
Children enjoy colorful and attractive facilities, therefore, you can order this facility and others in a variety of colors.
The facility combines various elements for climbing and gliding, allowing descent and ascent from the facility.
A device is installed on a grass surface, but today it can only be installed on a rubber surface, garden sesame
or sea sand that allows to absorb and stop the child’s fall if necessary.
The device can be installed in public parks, playgrounds and playgrounds

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