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Play facilities for kindergartens:

The Oren company offers you a selection of yard facilities,
In a variety of colors and mounting options.
To attract the children to go out into the kindergarten yard,
You need to plan a challenging and exciting garden.

A number of highlights in planning a yard for a kindergarten:

  1. The facilities in the kindergarten must be suitable for the age of the children.
  2. Placing the facilities in a design that will allow children to play in the facilities and run around the yard.
  3. A wide variety of activities in each facility.
  4. It is recommended to install challenging and interesting facilities for children.

A combination of pleasure and health:

The children playing in the yard enjoy:
social experience, physical activity while playing, motor development,
Developing flexibility and strengthening the bones and spatial thinking.

The facilities in the garden can be installed on a rubber surface, garden sesame and sea sand bed.
Certain facilities can also be installed on grass and soil.

Such facilities can be placed in private gardens, public gardens, a holiday village,
Small parks and beaches.

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