Metal Playground Equipment


Metal playground facilities:

In recent years, we can see that there are many cases of vandalism among teenagers. Oren company offers its customers playground, through dealing with Boys Hmshachitim the facilities regularly: Buy metal amusement facilities, facilities which are more durable than wood.

Specifications Materials:

Installations are made of galvanized pipes 4 inch, Standard epoxy-painted prevent toxic and long-lasting. Facilities integrated clamps and unique stainless steel screws, Perfect strengthening of facilities and elements.

Facilities incorporate additional elements enjoyment of gaming facilities:

Metal elements - bridges, horizontal ladder, climbing ladders and climbing walls Indian. Elements to plastic - slides, crawl tunnels and transparent bubble. Fiberglass elements - awnings and slides.

Durability facilities:

Besides durability facilities from vandalism, Metal parts resistant to moisture, heat and fire Over the years and low maintenance cost.

Facilities installation options:

Playgrounds, public parks, playgrounds and public gardens.

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