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Facility for dogs – hanging bridge made of wood and metal - 2521

Facility for dogs – hanging bridge made of wood and metal

Device for dogs hanging bridge made of wood and metal – 2521:

Interested in setting up a dog park?
A wooden and metal hanging bridge is a dog training facility, from the selection of dog facilities we have to offer you.

Dog facilities are made of high-quality and long-lasting pine wood.
and a galvanized metal base that is dyed in the oven.
The facilities are suitable for public dog parks , dog parks and kennels.

Facilities for dogs are recommended to be installed on the following types of soil:
Soil, grass, sand, garden sesame, gravel bed free of stones (mixed).

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More information for the hanging bridge dog training facility:

A special facility designed for training and improving the running and jumping abilities of the dogs.
The facility combines quality materials such as natural wood and metal,
To create a perfect platform for physical training and stability.

Here are some key points about such a wooden and metal bridge installation:

High-quality and advanced design :

A wooden and metal suspended walking bridge has been carefully designed to provide maximum stability and prevent slipping when in use.

High-quality and durable materials :

The use of natural wood and salvaged metal ensures durability and long-term existence of the facility, even against the weather and external factors.

Easy-to-use platform :

A suspension walking bridge provides a wide and stable platform for running and jumping, allowing dogs to exercise comfortably and safely.

Physical and spiritual training :

The use of a suspended walking bridge provides dogs with a challenging workout that improves their physical and mental abilities, and promotes their overall health and fitness.

Enjoyment and contribution to the relationship between owner and dog :

The use of a suspended walking bridge provides a fun and social experience for both owners and dogs, and promotes the relationship between them.

Wooden and metal suspension walking bridge training facilities are an effective and fun tool for improving the dogs’ jumping and running skills.
They provide an ideal platform for advanced physical training,
and encourage a social and enjoyable experience for the animals and their fertile friends.

Welcome to Oren game facilities!

The leading company in Israel for the production and planning of dog training facilities!

On our website you can find the widest variety of running ramps, jumping rings, integrated play facilities and other training facilities
Designed to improve the running and jumping skills of your canine friend in a fun and safe way.

Our bridge is specially designed to ensure maximum stability and safety during use. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and heights,
So you can find the most suitable facility for your dog park.

Our products are made of high-quality and durable materials such as high-quality pine wood that goes through a conservation process and stainless metal that goes through painting in the oven,
which guarantee long-term preservation and durability.

A wood and metal hanging walking bridge is a versatile tool that can add to the local exercise area for dogs and their owners.
Here are some ideas and recommendations for more information:

Construction of the bridge :

It is important to make sure that the bridge is constructed in a safe and stable manner. The use of quality materials and their adaptation to the external environment are particularly important. You can consider using wood instead or metallic materials like steel or aluminum.

The safety membrane :

It is important to make sure that the bridge is equipped with a safety membrane for dogs, so that an accident does not occur during training.

Maintenance and upkeep :

Every infrastructure needs constant maintenance and testing to ensure its safety and stability. The condition of the wood and metal must be checked regularly, faults noted and repaired immediately.

Suitable for various dogs :

It is important to consider the size and fitness level of the dogs using the bridge. Make sure that the height and width of the bridge are suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Precautions :

Safety instructions and guidelines for the proper use of the bridge by the dog owners must be found or developed, and make sure that they are presented in a clear and accessible manner.

Improve the canine community :

The impact of the bridge on the local community must be considered.
Does it provide a positive experience for dog owners and the dogs themselves?
Does it contribute to improving community spirit and safety in the area?

In the end, a wood and metal suspension walking bridge can be an excellent addition to dog training facilities,
Since it gives dogs an opportunity to develop walking skills, stability, and self-confidence.

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