Extreme Playground Equipment


Extreme Playground Equipment For Children - Ropes Climbing Pyramids:


Extreme Playground Equipment For Public Parks:

As part of the growing demand of municipal authorities and landscape architects,
to establish an extreme park integrated with playgrounds and special extreme facilities.
Pine Gaming Facilities offers you all the options in one place.
You can design with us extreme facilities combined with play facilities,
And we will make sure the park becomes extreme.
Extreme Playground Equipment For Children:
A variety of extreme facilities for Extreme Park - challenging and impressive.
You can choose rope facilities and extreme pyramids and design a perfect extreme park for you.

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Extreme Park can contain:

1. Unique rope and cable Playground Eequipment.
2. New and challenging extreme Playground Eequipment.
3. Diverse and colorful Playground Eequipment.

And other integrated Playground Eequipment such as:
Merry Go Round, Rope Swing, Rope Pyramid, Spring Rider and Seesaw.

It is recommended to install a shading shed in the Extreme Park,
which maintains the longevity of the facility, Low maintenance and on hot summer days it is pleasant to play under it.

.In addition, an absorbent rubber surface, which maximally protects the safety of children.

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