Kindergarden Playground Equipment


Kindergarten playground Equipment:

Oren playground company offers you a selection of court facilitie,
Variety of colors and mounting options.
To attract the children to go to the kindergarte,
Need to plan a garden challenging and exciting.

Tax Highlights kindergarten yard design:

  • Facilities in must match the age of the children.
  • Placing the facilities plan that will allow children to play.
  • Facilities and run in the yard *.A wide range of activities at each facility.
It is recommended to install facilities challenging and interesting for children.

Combination of pleasure and health:

Children playing in the yard benefit from:
Social experience, physical activity during the game, motor development,
Developing flexibility and strengthening bones and spatial reasoning.

Facilities in can be installed on a rubber sheet, sesame Garden and sand substrate.
Some installations can be installed on grass and soi.

Such facilities are provided for placement in private gardens, public parks, holiday village,
Small parks and beaches.

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